A Whole Lot Of Subpar NFL Players Are Seeing This Piece Of Paper This Week. Now You Can Too!

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

There’s more to NFL players getting cut than the uber-dramatic representation of it on Hard Knocks. In reality, while those moments are usually soul-crushing for the athlete and pretty uncomfortable for the team representative, it happens much too often enough in training camp to be deemed as dramatic as Hollywood makes it out to be. Fact is, rosters have to get down from around 90 to 53 in a very short amount of time, and these things happen like wildfire. And you can’t start a fire without paper. Discharge papers. Yeahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

That wasn’t my best Dave Caruso, but we’ll get there. In the meantime, enjoy this photo of the form NFL players receive when they’re cut. This pink slip is the quintessential yank of the Band-Aid, and I’m surprised teams haven’t resorted to just floating these under players’ doors to avoid the ever-awkward “We’re lettin’ ya go” speech. But they’re men. With men-ish tendencies. And men take the high road.

Still, I’m having way too much fun pondering which boxes were checked for certain players. Something tells me Chad Johnson Ochocinco Johnson was able to go 5/5. Nice job, Chad!

[via Redditor Immynimmy]