Aaron Hernandez May Be Linked To More Shootings, ‘Dating Back To Freshman Year’ At Florida

  • Rick Chandler

How to know you life is not going well: You’re in jail, there are surveillance photos of you holding a gun following a murder, and police are dragging the lake near your house. NO NOT DOING WELL.

And now, fresh hell for former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. According to NBC Connecticut’s George Colli, Hernandez may be the focus of a police investigation into multiple shootings in Florida “dating back to his freshman year.”

Urban Meyer: “Serenity Now!”

Earlier today police departments from Bristol, CT, North Attleboro, MA and Massachusetts State Police began searching Pine Lake Park in Bristol, looking for the gun used in the shooting of Odin Lloyd, for which Hernandez is currently jailed awaiting a hearing/trial. According to the Boston Globe, he is also being investigated for the killing of two Cape Verdean immigrants, Safiro Furtado and Daniel Abreu, who were shot on July 16, 2012, in Boston.