Well, Aaron Hernandez, At Least Snoop Dogg Still Supports You

  • Eric Goldschein

Ah, to be charged with first-degree murder. Your employer dumps you, your friends turn on you, the sheriff won’t let you get married (in order to subvert the legal system), and your life generally sucks. Perhaps not for good reason, as you are innocent until proven guilty. But when judges are calling the case against you “very, very strong,” it’s hard to see things differently.

Luckily for Aaron Hernandez, not everyone has abandoned him. He’s still got at least one very high profile supporter in Snoop “Lion” Dogg, who posted this old photo and accompanying message to his Instagram yesterday:

snoop dogg aaron hernandez

Just curious, Snoop: Did you send out a similar message to the family of Odin Lloyd? A quick glance of your Instagram page shows you did not. Interesting. I would have expected something better from a man who claims to be all about peace and love nowadays, but maybe that was just the weed talking. Yeah, the weed talking.

[Larry Brown Sports]