Accused Lip-Syncher Beyonce Tells World To Shut Up By Actually Singing National Anthem At Weirdest Press Conference Ever

  • Dylan Murphy

The jury’s still out on whether or not Beyonce was lip-synched the National Anthem at the President’s inauguration, but CNN is now reporting that a confidential informant has confirmed that yes, the accused is in fact guity as charged. Today, Beyonce held a press conference to address the speculation, and it was really strange. Instead of say, answering questions, she burst out in a fit of patriotic retribution and belted out the National Anthem to a room full of approved and applauding journalists. Thenshe answered questions, adoring worshipping scribes in the palm of her hand.

None of which were particularly enlightening, though she did admit to using a backing track and singing along to her own voice at the inauguration (!). You can actually hear it at the 20-second mark of her performance, an almost double voice. As for the Super Bowl, she’ll sing live – though she didn’t say without a backing track.

Anyway, carry on.