Adam Muema Quits Football Because The End Of The World Is Coming In May (But Says You Should Still Keep In Shape)

  • Rick Chandler

And now your Headline of the Week So Far, from the San Diego Union-Tribune: Former Aztecs star references end of world, declines to say if he’ll attend school’s pro day.

I hate it when something I was looking forward to is scheduled after the End of the World. Just really inconvenient.

Muema of course is the two-time 1,000-yard rusher from San Diego State who skipped his senior season with the Aztecs to declare for the ’14 NFL Draft. But he left last month’s NFL Scouting Combine for religious reasons, saying that God told him he’d be a Seattle Seahawk. Then he disappeared for a couple of days before turning up at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport, declaring himself a follower of “Lord Rayel”, who as far as I can tell is the first God available only on Twitter.

And now Muema tweets that the end of the world is coming, so what’s the point in playing football at all?

Muema then tweeted that AIDS was God’s punishment for being gay:

And, yikes: