WATCH: Adrian Peterson Appears On Entourage, Writers Can’t Help But Make Visanthe Shiancoe Dick Joke

  • Dan Fogarty

Adrian Peterson made an appearance on Entourage, that bastion of high-brow comedy, on Sunday night. But it was a reference to another Minnesota Viking that was the most memorable aspect of his cameo: yes, Visanthe Shiancoe’s penis has apparently made the jump from internet sports meme to full blown pop-culture reference.

When Entourage’s protagonist, Vinny Chase, goes antique-shopping with an agent friend of his, they run into Peterson. Pounds are exchanged, references to last year’s NFC Championship are made (“tough loss!”), and bad acting shines across the board.

When Peterson, who apparently spends his offseasons procuring obscure artifacts and flipping them for a profit (wha?) shows Vince and his agent buddy a prized dinosaur skull, the agent buddy cracks, “Was Visanthe Shiancoe trying to use it as a cup?”

Shiancoe, if you’re unfamiliar, was accidentally caught naked on-camera while Vikings coach Brad Childress gave a post-game pep talk. Deadspin then enshrined him in their Athlete Dong Hall-of-fame, which has led us to this point: last night’s exchange on Entourage, which takes place at the 1:40 mark.