Adrian Peterson Is The Running Back To Own In New Orleans

Adrian Peterson Is The Running Back To Own In New Orleans
  • Max Solomons

Arguably the greatest running back of this generation, former 2,000 yard runner Adrian Peterson has found himself switching jerseys for the first time in his legendary career. Now a member of the New Orleans Saints, Peterson joins a backfield not only populated by Drew Brees, but also a crowded running back room where competition for carries is sure to be cutthroat. After selecting the prolific Alvin Kamara in the third round, a selection characterized by many in the draft community as a steal, the Saints head into this season with many mouths to feed amongst their newly acquired running back trio (along with Mark Ingram).

With an MVP trophy on his resume, Adrian Peterson enters New Orleans during the twilight of an iconic career. Peterson feasted on defenses for a decade, with their only chance of stopping him, being when the Vikings took the ball out of Peterson’s hands. After failing to re-sign Peterson, the Vikings watched as the machine-like running back moved on to greener pastures. During the offseason, Peterson, given his injury history and age, had a significant degree of difficulty in finding a new team.

Mark Ingram has been a successful runner throughout his career, returning RB2 and even RB1 value at various points. However, the former Heisman winner never quite reached the first round production that has been associated with other prospects of his stature, always skewing closer to a solid contributor rather than true star. Kamara additionally had a significant career at the University of Tennessee, bringing a high level of excitement to a backfield once he fully wrestled the starting running back job away from Jalen Hurd. However, Kamara is less the every down back that many wish him to become, and more so in the mold of a Reggie Bush. Under the tutelage of Bush’s former coach, Sean Payton, this figure to be the exact purpose that Kamara will serve in this offense, and nothing more.

Given the lack of available three down backs in upcoming fantasy drafts, desperation will set in for prospective fantasy owners in selecting the members of their respective backfields. While I recommend steering clear of the Saints situation all together, it appears clear that the running back to target is Adrian Peterson. If you can’t land him, targeting a guy like Derrick Henry or Kareem Hunt, players who are merely a minor injury away from borderline RB1 value, sounds like a far better idea than trying to decode the Saints running back situation beyond “All Day”.