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Here’s Adrian Peterson’s Fantastic Mugshot

  • Dan Fogarty

As you may have heard by now, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was arrested in a Houston nightclub over the weekend. Here’s his mugshot, in which he looks like he’s having a ball.

Although details are still a bit sketchy, the owner of club Live at Bayou Place says AP was “very drunk” at the time of his arrest and, in general, acting like an ass. Since neither of these things — being very drunk or acting like an ass — are noted character traits of Adrian Peterson’s, we’re going to reserve judgement until some more official details become available.

What we know concretely is this: Peterson was booked over the weekend for resisting arrest, released, and then tweeted this Winston Churchill quote about lies and pants:

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”

What we know (much less concretely) is this: according to Daniel Maher, the owner of Live, Peterson was “a difficult customer all night,” and made a mad-dash attempt at getting one more drink after last call. When he was denied, he allegedly attempted to intimidate the bartender into serving him. That’s when an off-duty officer intervened, and Peterson allegedly shoved him.

Maher says during his confrontation with the officer, Peterson assumed a fight stance and looked “like he meant business.” Maher says, “He looked really scary and I thought he was gonna attack the cops.”

It allegedly took three officers in total to corral Peterson (not surprising — he’s a big dude), and this grainy video shows him being escorted out of the club. According to TMZ, Peterson apologized once he had calmed down, and “told cops he doesn’t usually drink.” We’ll see how the “I couldn’t handle my liquor” defense plays out.

Photo via Tom Pelissero.