The Difference Between The AFC And NFC Championship Games In One Stat

  • Eric Goldschein

russell wilson runs

There are plenty of differences between the AFC and NFC Championship games, of course: the AFC game features the Broncos and Patriots, while the NFC has the Seahawks and 49ers, for example. We can even get more specific and say that the quarterbacks in the AFC game have four Super Bowl rings between them, while the NFC QBs have none — yet.

But that’s all historic, skin-level stuff. Let’s go NEXT LEVEL to see how these two bouts will differ from each other, based on the 2013 season:

That’s insane. You would have to multiply Brady and Manning’s rushing yardage 81 times to get even close to what Wilson and Kaepernick put up — and then you’d realize that -13 x 81 is still negative yardage, which means you’d be even further away from 1,063.

On the flip side, Manning and Brady had 9,820 passing yards this year; Wilson and Kaep, 6,554. (You could add two of Kaepernick’s seasons together with Wilson’s and still not touch the Manning/Brady combo.)

Lesson: Expect tons of passing from the AFC game, and lots of scrambling in the NFC.

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