A.J. Hawk Doesn’t Care If It’s For Charity: You’re Going In The Lake

  • Evan Sporer

So A.J. Hawk, the really scary linebacker that plays for the Green Bay Packers, recently showed up at a charity golf tournament in Ohio with a bunch of his former OSU teammates to help raise money for after school programs for at-risk youths. It was a good cause, so we commend A.J., and the rest of the Buckeyes that showed up.

But these are football players! So put down those clubs and silly hat, and strap on some pads. It’s time for some football! And A.J. Hawk doesn’t care if it’s for charity, or it’s a game of touch; if you’ve got the pigskin, you’re liable to get hit.

If I was that guy though, I’d probably drop a turd in Hawk’s club bag or something. Seriously? In the lake? Guy is gonna be wet all day. No one enjoys that.

P.S. What is Troy Smith doing at a charity tournament? Is Troy Smith actually in a position to be donating to charities? Was the purpose of the tournament to actually raise money for Troy Smith?

[Via Deadspin]