Al Michaels: If The Raiders-49ers Rivalry Ends Because Of A Few “Punks,” Then “The Terrorists Win” (Video)

  • Dan Fogarty

This weekend’s Oakland Raiders game occurred largely without incident. There were a few arrests for people selling fake merchandise, and someone was jailed for trying to start a fight. But these are common occurrences at most football games.

Of course, the atmosphere wasn’t as mellow at Candlestick Park last week, when a series of fights and shootings (yes, fights and shootings) during a 49ers-Raiders game drew national attention to instances of fan barbarism. Because of the sheer lunacy of that day (in addition to the shootings, someone was beaten unconscious in a bathroom), some have questioned whether or not it’s worth it to continue having these two teams play each other in the preseason.

Welp, NBC play-by-play man Al Michaels thinks it’s worth it. In fact, he said that putting the kibosh on the rivalry would be the equivalent of letting the “terrorists win.”

We’re not sure if, by “terrorists,” Michaels meant actual terrorists, or the idiots who cause trouble in the stands at football games. Also, it should be noted that he preceded his overstatement by saying “I know this is an overstatement.” Regardless, it’s an interesting comment for the usually-reserved Michaels to make.

[h/t Awful Announcing, Lambeth Field]