Al Michaels Freaked Out When He Thought He Lost His Pro Bowl Bet On A Meaningless Touchdown

  • Matt Rudnitsky

If you bet on the Pro Bowl, you are a degenerate. There’s nothing wrong with that, but own it.

Most announcers are terrified to mention the point spread, because gambling is illegal and they could be killed by the mafia if they mention which team is favored. Al Michaels is one of a select few brave men that isn’t terrified of this, tough, which is why he’s one of the all-time greats. Unsurprisingly, it sounds like he bet on the Pro Bowl. I mean if you’re forced to watch that shit and talk about it… why wouldn’t you bet on it?

…but then he thought he witnessed one of the worst beats of all time, a completely meaningless touchdown on a missed field goal return on the final play of the game.

(Then again, aren’t all Pro Bowl touchdowns meaningless? Aren’t we all just floating in space? Isn’t life just one big Pro Bowl after the outcome has already been determined?)

But then for whatever reason… the touchdown didn’t count. So, no bad beat for some people. Just a lot of confusion. And mind-fucking. But let’s be honest: If you bet on the Pro Bowl, you deserve to have your mind fucked.