This NFL Network Reporter Had A Bit Of Trouble Last Night

  • Glenn Davis

The NFL preseason is a time for teams to work out the kinks – an especially necessary exercise this year, with the lockout ensuring teams reported to training camp with even more rust than usual. As much as the preseason is about teams rounding into form, though, it’s also tuneup time for the networks airing those games. It’s been a while since live NFL football went on television, so if something on the broadcast doesn’t go smoothly, it’s more understandable than it would be in midseason.

Last night, the NFL Network aired just this kind of bumpy segment, when turning to field reporter Albert Breer at the Cowboys-Broncos game. Something seemed slightly off from the moment Rich Eisen threw to Breer, and when Breer started to say “Brady Quinn” when he meant “Kyle Orton,” it was a reminder that yes, this is a the preseason.

There could, of course, have been any number of reasons for this slip-up. Maybe there was some sort of equipment malfunction rendering Breer out of sorts. Maybe something weird was going on around him. Or maybe there was something in the acoustics of the stadium itself. Actually, can we just go ahead and blame Cowboys Stadium – and by extension, Jerry Jones – for this rough patch? We’re fine with that outcome, personally.