Apparently Aldon Smith And Delanie Walker Shot At People At A Party?

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Aldon Smith Mugshot

San Francisco 49ers OLB Aldon Smith and ex-TE Delanie Walker were named in a lawsuit filed Tuesday by a guy who got shot at Smith’s party. The lawsuit claims that Smith and Walker wanted people to leave, so they went up to the balcony and starting firing shots into the air (what did the air ever do to them?) with illegally-possessed handguns.

Oh, and Smith was stabbed at the party, at some time that the report neglects to mention. It does mention this, however.

The lawsuit also claims Smith and Walker consumed significant quantities of alcohol and were legally intoxicated.

Shocking. I wonder if they consumed significant quantities of chips, too? There were probably chips at the party.

And this.

Smith and his friends also charged $10 per person to enter the party, according to one of the victims.

Cool. (San Francisco fans, call the men entrepeneurs; Packers fans, call them greedy scumbags; everybody else, hope they get suspended.)

We don’t know why we hadn’t heard about this until now, as the party happened in June 2012. Of course this is all alleged at this point, but details aside, there’s no excuse for a bunch of rich athletes illegally-possessing handguns, and there could be consequences here, football-related, and life-related.

We reached out to Jim Harbaugh for comment, and all we heard were Smith’s muffled gasps for air.

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