Travis Benjamin Is Fast, Brian Hoyer Is Injured (Oh No!), Jim Brown Is Timeless

  • Rick Chandler

If you took the Bills and the points this week, you have to be wailing and gnashing your teeth at Shawn Powell’s line-drive punts to Travis Benjamin right about now. The Browns’ punt returner is putting on a show, with returns of 48 yards to set up a field goal, and a 79-yard TD, Cleveland leading 17-10 at halftime.

It was just 10-0 Buffalo a few minutes ago, wasn’t it?

I’ve long maintained that the Browns don’t get the respect they deserve for their place in history. One can make the case that Cleveland had the greatest run of success in pro football history, with seven championships from 1946 to ’55 (four in the AAFC, three in the NFL), and 10 straight appearances in the NFL Championship game. Lean times over the past 30 years of course, so it’s good to see them tied for the lead in the AFC North.

It’s looking like they may go to 3-2 after tonight, so I guess there won’t be any “tanking for Teddy” in the near future.

Teddy = Teddy Bridgewater, of course.

Other Thursday Night Football notes:

Great halftime tribute to Jim Brown.

QB Brian Hoyer was injured in the first half. Curses!

UPDATE: C.J. Spiller 54-yard TD run for Bills ties it at 17-17.

UPDATE: Tuel Time!

UPDATE: Cleveland 37-yard TD pass from Weeden to Josh Gordon, and it’s 24-24.

UPDATE: Browns win, 37-24. My record picking against the spread over the past three weeks: 11-3-1, 11-4, 1-0.


GIFs via Los Angeles Times.