All Those Cool LeSean McCoy Tweets Were Building Toward A Lame Endorsement

  • Joe Polito

Over the weekend noted NFL shaker and baker LeSean McCoy started posting some interesting images on social media. Here’s the timeline:

Our own Zach Berger is convinced this weight-tossing video is fake, but I’m not so sure. I’ve seen enough grunting ‘roid bros drop weights in the gym to know that they do have some bounce when they land at the right angle. Everyone said “wow, LeSean McCoy is really strong,” and he probably is. Cool video.

Not going to give these photos the Zapruder treatment, but I guess this stunt might also be fabricated since we don’t actually see LeSean lift the tires from the ground — which I assume is the point of the workout. I don’t have a lot of tractor tires laying around, so I wouldn’t know. Still, great shots. Well done, man.

Ok, video footage or GTFO. That ball could have just ricocheted off his hands. But why would Shady go through all this unless it’s real?

Oh … because he got paid to.

Even before his “video statement,” I could see where this was going. It was going to be a press conference gag about some non-football product that used PED rhetoric as a joke. And sure enough …

There’s still no clear answer as to the legitimacy of these athletic feats, but now we know how the idea to do crazy stuff and put it on Twitter hatched. A company that shall not be named probably pitched it to him. Either way, this wasn’t just authentic, pure, uncut raw coolness. It was corporate influenced. And wait until you hear the what the product was. From the clip:

“I’m LeSean McCoy, and I’ve been using potential enhancing dryer sheets.”

DRYER SHEETS? What the hell, LeSean? I’m not even going to put the name of the brand in here. This kind of shallow sponsored fun should not be supported in any way. My power and influence extend pretty much to margins of this blog post, and I’ll be damned if some filthy corporation nudges their money-grubbing name into my …

Wait … it’s for charity? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Curse you Bounce! We’re all suckers for charity. So even if McCoy falls well short in his quest for 2,000 yards, Bounce will still probably shell out about $15,000 to his charity, which according to his website is “dedicated to promoting the empowerment of people in the communities of Pennsylvania, protecting its environments, respecting cultural diversity, and raising funds for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (“ALS”) research.”

So corporate America wins again, and Bounce will successfully use cool football training and charitable acts to sell dryer sheets. *sigh*