With Every Amazing Catch Bears WR Alshon Jeffrey Makes, Ex-USC Coach Lane Kiffin Looks Even More Stupid

  • Eric Goldschein

Alshon Jeffrey is making a career out of pulling down circus catches.

You may have seen Jeffrey’s outstanding grab against the Vikings last week (via Bleacher Report):

And last night against the Cowboys, Jeffrey once again made a touchdown catch he had no business making:

Here’s another angle (via BI Sports):

Jeffrey has 1,193 yards and 6 touchdowns so far on the season. The second year man is now a legitimate second option across from Brandon Marshall, and he’s a major reason why the Bears are still in the running for the NFC North despite the loss of Jay Cutler.

But here’s why we should all be Alshon Jeffrey fans: With every ball he pulls in, he makes ex-USC (and Tennessee, and Oakland Raiders) coach Lane Kiffin look a little stupider.

Back when Kiffin was in Tennessee, he heavily recruited Jeffrey, along with Steve Spurrier of South Carolina and Pete Carroll of USC. Jeffrey decided to stay close to home in South Carolina, and Kiffin reportedly changed his tone very quickly. From a 2009 ESPN story on Jeffrey:

According to Jeffrey and Wilson, Kiffin told Jeffery that if he chose the Gamecocks, he would end up pumping gas for the rest of his life like all the other players from that state who had gone to South Carolina.

Jeffery was doing his best to stay awake at that point, but that comment from Kiffin woke him up. He clearly hasn’t forgotten it, either.

“He said it, but it’s not worth talking about,” Jeffery said.

Wow. Nice going, Lane. Way to not bully a high school student into attending your crappy program, which you ended up quitting soon after anyway. In any case, as we see today, Jeffrey did not go on to pump gas — he went on to be the man. Lane Kiffin, meanwhile, is looking for work.

Karma, folks: it’s real.

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