America, Not Surprisingly, Is Dominating At The American Football World Championships

  • Ben Axelrod

Ever wonder what the Olympics would be like if they added American football? Sure you have.

Who hasn’t imagined watching Peyton Manning line up a few feet ahead of Adrian Peterson, with receivers like Andre Johnson and Calvin Johnson flanked out to the sides, ready to face…well…whoever the rest of the world could find to fill out their rosters.

They may not possess the NFL talent that the previous paragraph just mentioned, but the U.S.’s International Federation of American Football team is showing us a glimpse of the pure domination that an American football team made up entirely of Americans could have over the rest of the world.

Led by former University of Colorado quarterback Cody Hawkins, the U.S. beat Australia 61-0 in the opening round of this year’s IFAF Senior World Championship of American football yesterday. Hawkins went 13-15 for 204 yards and two touchdowns in the game, despite the fact that the U.S. rotated its quarterbacks in the second half. 

Then, today (we have no idea how these guys play two football games on back-to-back days either, but apparently they do), they routed Germany, 48-7, to advance to the semifinals against Mexico.

And in case (like me), this is the first time that you’ve ever heard of this worldwide tournament, I’ll answer the question I know you have: yes, the U.S. are the defending champions.

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