Andrew Luck Breaks Down A Play, Makes Jon Gruden Swoon

  • Glenn Davis

With the NFL Draft fast approaching, it’s time for Jon Gruden to feel like a coach again and grill some of the draft’s top quarterback prospects. This year, though, we wonder how much the top two prospects are going to give him to critique. We already know how well Robert Griffin III handles it when you put the pressure on to describe a play in detail, and since Andrew Luck played in a pro-style system at Stanford, one would think he’s about as well-equipped as possible to break down a common NFL formation.

One would think right, apparently. In an already-released clip from Luck’s QB Camp episode (the whole thing premieres tomorrow), Gruden inquires about a personal favorite play: “Green Right Slot Spider 2 Y Banana.” Safe to say, Luck knew exactly what he had in mind:

Pretty impressive. And once Gruden finishes fanning himself and dabbing the sweat off his forehead, he’s likely to agree. The man is practically in tears by the time Luck finishes up. If these chalkboard (whiteboard?) sessions are any indication, the Colts and Redskins are both going to have some seriously good quarterbacks for the next decade-plus.

Also amusing but not esepcially related: the fact that the two “top comments” on the video’s Youtube page both make fun of Luck’s voice. We’d almost feel bad for the guy, except for how he’s going to have a degree from Stanford and be the top pick in the NFL Draft and basically has a charmed life. He has to leave something for the rest of us.

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