David Letterman Basically Tries To Kill Andrew Luck With Pressure

  • Glenn Davis

Good to be Andrew Luck right now – you’re about to earn a degree from one of the best schools in the country and you just became a millionaire by virtue of realizing your dream of being the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft. Oh, and you were in New York, so after the draft, you got to stop by Late Show with David Letterman as one of the show’s guests. Pretty good run all around, right? Well, yes… but maybe it would have been a little better if Letterman didn’t use the interview to list every reason Luck should feel tons of pressure:

Of course, Dave’s not wrong – no one’s going to expect too much at first since the Colts were so bad last year, but you won’t find many people who don’t expect Luck to have an outstanding NFL career. And as much as he says you don’t really replace a guy like Peyton Manning… he’s replacing Peyton Manning. It’s a tall task – but if Luck’s ever feeling overwhelmed, now he can just go see Dave’s mom and she can cheer him up. Oh, and he’s also really, really good at football, which helps. Longer clip of Luck demonstrating a bit of that arm talent below, by CJ Fogler.