Which Is Scarier: Peyton Manning On A Football Field, Or Andy Reid At A Buffet?

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Andy Reid is a lock for NFL Coach of the Year, mainly because of this dancing Kool-Aid Man GIF. The undefeated record helps him a tiny bit, too.

But this might top both of those things: Andy Reid comparing Peyton Manning’s quarterbacking prowess to his own prowess at the buffet.

(Skip to 6:54)

“I would tell you he’s talented. There’s talent there. You and I could do this at a buffet, but he does it on the football field. There’s some athletic ability that takes place there. He’s got that figured out.”

The question remains: What’s harder to stop… Peyton Manning playing quarterback, or Andy Reid at a buffet?

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[Larry Brown Sports]