Andy Reid Put His Butt In Philip Rivers’ Groin

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Not much context is needed here. The Kansas City Chiefs fell to the San Diego Chargers in a thriller yesterday. Philip Rivers didn’t like a call. He went to complain. Andy Reid didn’t want him to complain. Andy Reid has an enormous ass (surprise!). So he stuck it in Phil Jr., and Phil has six kids, so he totally didn’t like that, bro.

Of course, this isn’t even the best Andy Reid GIF of the year. (This is.) Nor is it as good as the Baby Andy Reid Halloween costume. Nor is it as great as the time Andy Reid compared Peyton Manning on the football field… to himself at a buffet.

Andy Reid is the coach of the year. Andy Reid is the coach of the decade. Andy Reid will eliminate world hunger (if he dies and donates his meat).