The San Francisco 49ers See Seattle’s Percy Harvin Trade And Raise Them An Anquan Boldin Acquisition

  • Dylan Murphy

Anquan Boldin was refusing a pay cut, and the Baltimore Ravens were threatening to release him. Joe Flacco backed his play. Then the Seattle Seahawks went out and acquired Percy Harvin for a crappy 1st round draft pick and other spare picks, immediately vaulting themselves to NFC favorite for the upcoming season. The reigning NFC champion/NFC West rival San Francisco 49ers were not to be outdone, however, and just acquired the contract-embattled Boldin for a measly 6th rounder. The same guy who carried the Baltimore Ravens’ passing attack (Fine, fine, Joe Flacco too) to and through the Super Bowl. Yeah, that guy’s worth a sixth round pick. Holy hell, what is this world coming to? We might as well just skip right ahead to the NFC Championship game.