After Their Coaches Fight, The 49ers And Lions Engage In Some Cyberbullying

  • Glenn Davis

You see the coach-fight incident between Lions coach Jim Schwartz and 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh after the Niners’ 25-19 win yesterday? Of course you did. But did you know there was another Niners-Lions fight later on – and that it happened on the internet? Yes, Niners offensive tackle Anthony Davis and Lions defensive end Cliff Avril, after (at times testily) crashing into one another on the field, later went at it on…Twitter. While most traces of the fight have disappeared from Davis’ account, Pride of Detroit got the screengrabs, and it started with Davis talking some general trash:

Lions got TeaBaggggggged in thier house lmao.. lol and i saved shwartz life at the end..

They talked shit to us all week. We said nothin.. Came and kicked that ass.. its fuckin football fuck classy.. Save classy for Mortons lol

…And that should clear up any doubt as to whether Harbaugh is building Davis up in his image. (Davis’ college coach, Greg Schiano, might pass out in horror if someone still playing for him said that.) Unsurprisingly, though, a member of the Lions (specifically, Avril) took exception, and sarcastically applauded Davis’ professionalism. And that’s when Davis came back saying Avril “did NOTHING,” and the ultimate in O-line to D-line trash talk: “I pancaked you on a passing play.”

Yes, of course all this is silly. It’s Twitter. Avril was already trying to downplay the whole fight as soon as it happened, as was Davis. And yeah, Davis might not want to get in too many of these Twitter fights (that realization might come with time; he just turned 22). But also: this was hilarious. The pancake block taunt? The Morton’s reference? That’s good stuff.

And as far as saving Schwartz’ life? Well, we might not go that far, but check out the photo of the altercation here. That’s Davis, trying to break up the scrum…and laughing about it all the while. If there were ever a fight worth laughing about, it was this one, and by being involved in the scrum, if nothing else, Davis earned the right to have a laugh about that. His coach, we’d imagine, would agree.

Getty photo, by Leon Halip