AP Report: Jonathan Martin Wants To Continue NFL Career

  • Rick Chandler

We kind of figured he wasn’t going to walk away entirely, but still this is good news. According to The Associated Press, which cites “sources”, Jonathan Martin wants to continue playing football. The same AP sources said that Martin had considered quitting the sport.

Miami Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin talked of quitting football earlier in his pro career before leaving the team last week to undergo counseling for emotional issues, two people familiar with the situation said Wednesday.

One of the people said Martin considered giving up the sport because he was mistreated by other offensive linemen on the Dolphins. That person said Martin now plans to continue his career.

Meanwhile, Dolphins’ quarterback Ryan Tannehill defended Richie Incognito to AP:

“Does he like to give guys a hard time? Yes. Does he like to pester guys and have fun? Yes,” Tannehill said. “But he brought a lot of laughter to this locker room, he brought a lot of cohesiveness to this locker room and he was the best teammate that I could ask for.”

So, what now? Martin just arrives at Dolphins’ camp with four dozen donuts? Players still seem to love Incognito, so how is Martin going to fit in? Is it off to another team? Wondering at this point who would take him on, considering what a distraction his presence would likely be.