Arizona Cardinals Rookie Ran 25 Miles Per Hour On A Treadmill From A Standing Start

  • Ricky Boebel

Meet Robert Gill, the Cardinals’ 29-year-old rookie wide receiver from the Arena Football League. He does one thing really well: run fast.

Yesterday, a video was released of Gill doing just that. The most impressive aspect of the video was that he went from standing still to 25 mph in a fraction of a second. For perspective, the fastest speed ever recorded is 27.79 mph by Usain Bolt.

The fact that the video was taken on a flip phone from 2003 makes it more impressive. The low framerate creates a “roadrunner effect”, that turns his legs into a big blur of limbs.

This clip exemplifies how absurdly difficult it is to make an NFL roster. Robert Gill has been trying his entire career and will most likely not make it on the Cardinals opening day roster. Looking back on my childhood, it’s insane to think I even dreamed of playing in the professional football. I’m not trying to discourage the youth America. It’s just most of them should start practicing their punting.

[Revenge of the Birds]