As A Farewell To Football, Here Are NFL Helmets If Each Team Played In The Star Wars Universe (Slideshow)

  • Rick Chandler

Could this be more perfect? Ooh mooey mooey I love you!

If there’s any mug we’d like to punch in the entire expanse of space and time, it would have to be that of Daniel Snyder — the Jar Jar Binks of NFL owners. Just as Jar Jar here was decried as a racially insensitive stereotype when the first Star Wars prequel debuted in 1999, Snyder has been under fire for his team’s logo and nickname … but you know all that.

They toned down the Jar Jar appearances in the following two prequels, until he was practically non-existent in the final one. Let’s hope that Earth history reflects the happenings on Naboo.

But that’s only one of the 32 Star Wars-themed helmets we’re showing you, via Next Impulse Sports. And there’s one that’s even more perfect and appropriate than the one above … one (Green Bay) that will make you laugh … and one that makes no sense (49ers), even to a Star Wars fan like me.

I have a bad feeling about this.