At Last: Injury Insurance For Your Fantasy Football Players

  • Rick Chandler

So you’ve built your fantasy team around Robert Griffin III (plays taps) …

If only there were a way to recoup your losses when he inevitably crumples to the turf, clutching various small bones. Well fortunately, Fantasy Player Protect is here. Press release:

FantasyPlayerProtect Is Real Insurance

FantasyPlayerProtect offers real insurance to protect your fantasy sports team.

The online application is quick and easy. With just a few clicks, you can select your players and purchase your policy. Your certificate of insurance, issued by an “A” rated insurance company, will be e-mailed to you. The certificate of insurance will highlight the player(s) insured, the requested protection amount, and the terms and conditions of your policy.

When it comes to your fantasy team, every competitive advantage matters! Be the first team owner in your league to insure your championship team with FantasyPlayerProtect.

Partnered with MiniCo Insurance Agency, FPP also offers policies for baseball, basketball and hockey.

This may protect your cash investment if your fantasy team tanks due to injury, but who will restore your shattered pride and soothe that gnawing self loathing? Show me a COMPANY TO DO THAT.