The 11 Best Pairs Of Glasses In Sports

  • Evan Sporer

Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman returned last night to Atlanta’s lineup after missing four game due to vision problems. Those vision problems were corrected thanks to a new pair of eyeglasses, and it showed in the box score: he went 3-4, including a home run in his first plate appearance. After the home run, his teammates jokingly ribbed him on his way back to the dugout, and the whole sequence got us thinking…

Glasses get a bad rap. Jack Donaghy once referred to them as “wheelchairs for the eyes,” and some notable NBA superstars have been getting ragged on for their frames lately. But just because a man possesses a nice pair of bifocals doesn’t mean he can’t be a beast. We’d like to remind Jack Donaghy (and the men of Inside the NBA) of that fact, so here, now, are the best 11 pairs of glasses in sports history.


Excerpt image via Rob Payne.