Audio Proof That Matthew Stafford Fooled His Own Team With His Game-Winning Touchdown

  • Eric Goldschein

matthew staffordGreat news: Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was wired for sound during yesterday’s game, which means we have proof that Stafford called for his team to clock the ball at the goal line — only to leap into the end-zone for the game-winning score.

Stafford himself said that he wasn’t planning on going for the touchdown until moments before the ball was snapped:

“So I’m on the line, and everyone in the stadium thinks I’m spiking it, and that was the plan,’’ Stafford said. “The other 10 guys [on offense] thought I was too. I thought I was—but then I saw a couple of their guys, almost standing up, and I just had this thought: Maybe I could make it by sneaking, or just putting the ball over the line. Maybe that was our best chance…”

Stafford knew the risk of going for it like that with only a few seconds left, but did it anyway, which makes him our Bad-Ass Of The Week. The audio of the final drive shows Stafford called for the team to clock the ball the same way a few plays earlier (“Clock it! Clock it! Clock it! Clock it! Clock it!”), so the split-second decision to take the ball in was clearly a surprise to the Cowboys (and his own team).

Take a listen — it’s worth it just for the cries of jubilation at the end (via ProFootballTalk):

(Well, as you may have noticed, the video is down. We’ll put up a replacement as soon as it becomes available. For the record, it’s a video of Matthew Stafford and the Lions playing football against the Cowboys.)