The Baltimore Ravens Briefly Misplaced The Lombardi Trophy On Sunday Night

  • Dylan Murphy

The Stanley Cup, Lombardi Trophy, Larry O’Brien Trophy, and Commssioner’s Trophy (you would, baseball) have all encountered their fair share of mishaps over the years. The Stanley Cup, in particular, is shuttled around from player hometown to player hometown under the supervision of one weary traveler, and players have done everything from testing its buoyancy to drop kicking it across rivers. There was also the time Sergio Ramos dropped the Copa del Rey and watched in horror as the bus he was on ran it over.

After winning the Super Bowl on Sunday, the Baltimore Ravens had their turn with the Lombardi Trophy, taking it to owner Steve Bisciotti’s celebration party. Or so we thought. Come Monday, when John Harbaugh held his Super Bowl hangover press conference, he happened to mention that the Lombardy Trophy was, er, briefly misplaced.

“We hadn’t seen this (Vince Lombardi Trophy) since last night,” Harbaugh said. “We thought we lost it. Thank you very much.

Wait, what happened? According to the Washington Post, it might have just been some handsy security personnel accidentally “losing track” of its guardian, but we suspect foul play; a gigantic trophy does not just up and disappear like that, so we want to know what really happened. Did Ray Lewis donate it to charity? Did the trophy gain a few too many pounds? Was this guy involved? Did Jacoby Jones creep it out? Did Bryant McKinnie use it to pay off his strip club debts? So many questions, so few answers. Do drop us a line if at if you happen to know.