Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Ring Is Understated As Usual

  • Ricky Boebel

Earlier today, ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter released a picture of Baltimore’s Super Bowl XLVII Ring. As usual, there was no shortage of diamonds. Unfortunately for the Ravens, their logo isn’t the easiest to translate into giant ring form. This resulted in a weird deformed Raven that looks like they had a 7-year-old draw it. I would have much preferred the Ravens’ coat of arms from the center of their field on the ring.

It’s been an interesting evolution for the Super Bowl ring. They’ve been given out since the first Super Bowls in 1967. However, rings didn’t have the same blinding qualities in the ’60s as they do now. Since then it’s been a diamonds race, when one team puts more diamonds on their ring, the rest of the NFL follows suit.

Furthermore, the Super Bowl champs don’t foot the bill for the rings, the NFL pays. Currently, the league provides 70 rings at around $5,000 a piece to the winning team. That’s just $350,000 for a league with annual revenues of $9.5 billion. This is a surprising lack of excess for a league that spends big in most other areas. It’s refreshing until you think about how ridiculous it is to wear these shiny monstrosities around.