What Happened Last Night: There Was A Super Bowl, And The Baltimore Ravens Won

  • Dylan Murphy

Really? The Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl 34-31, Joe Flacco won the MVP and we wrote a lot of things about it all. From that dubious non-defensive holding call to the old-people-going-nuts Taco Bell commercial, our fingers were pittering and pattering all over our keyboards last night to keep you up to date on the Super Bowl’s goings on. To check out everything you missed from last night, go here.

But don’t worry, our Super Bowl coverage is hardly complete. Later today we’ll be bringing you the Beyonce GIF roundup you wholeheartedly deserve, a deeper investigation into game-deciding 4th and goal play and some other posts to be named later. Oh, and we might get around to other sports too. Maybe. But for now, celebrate, Baltimore.