Baltimore’s Jacoby Jones Returns Kick 108 Yards For Touchdown, Dances Poorly

  • Joe Levine

How do you make a kick-off return for a touchdown boring? Make sure the returner goes literally untouched the whole way. How do you salvage it? Make sure the returner does a horrible touchdown dance at the end.

The Baltimore Ravens pulled off the above to perfection this afternoon against the Dallas Cowboys. On a third quarter kick return, the Ravens opened a seam for return man Jacoby Jones, who hit it hard and went 108 yards for the easiest kick return for a touchdown you’ll see today. Kinda boring, honestly.

Luckily, Jones made it all worthwhile by doing a horrible rendition of NFL legend Deion Sanders’ trademark touchdown dance. I’m not sure if it was sarcastic since Sanders is a former Cowboy great or in honor of Deion since he finished his career with the Ravens, but either way, it sure did suck.

Judge for yourself, via FOX:

Terrible dancing/kickoff coverage aside, Baltimore currently leads Dallas 24-23 in the fourth quarter.