We’re Not Sure Why Bar Refaeli Has To Make Out With This Computer Nerd Stereotype For Go Daddy’s Super Bowl Commercial

  • Dylan Murphy

Here we have Danica Patrick, Bar Refaeli, and some guy. Okay, he’s 34-year-old Jesse Heiman, man of this rather extensive profile on IMDB.com, because apparently he’s the “World’s Greatest Extra.” The trio stars in GoDaddy.com’s second Super Bowl commercial (the first, which will air at the 2-minute warning of the Super Bowl, was unveiled a week ago), and it features Go Daddy’s new “smart meets sexy” campaign.

And by “meet,” they mean Bar Refaeli making out with Heiman, who plays a Go Daddy computer nerd named “Walter.” It’s all a thinly veiled excuse to watch Bar Refaeli make out with someone, even if that someone is, well, Heiman. But then it gets all uncomfortable and weird, the camera slowly panning in until we’re left with an oddly voyeuristic closeup of the pair awkwardly making out, weird kissing/slurping sounds and all.

But maybe the best part is that, according to Adweek, the shot took 45 takes and Heiman, gracious in ego victory, claimed to win the “championship of men.” There were also two other versions of the ad that were turned down by CBS for being “too indecent.” Like, Refaeli playing tennis in her underwear indecent? Or cyberspace cat fighting indecent?