Barrett Jones Uses Some Questionable Language In His Scrabble Game

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Barrett Jones is a man of many talents. His day job as all-American center for the Alabama Crimson Tide only tells half the story, as he is an admitted Scrabble fiend. And for a man whose formative Scrabble years were in eighth grade, it seems like his word arsenal hasn’t evolved much since adolescence.

If you were paying close attention to the feature College Gameday did on the Alabama O-lineman before the BCS National Championship Game, you saw that Jones has something besides football on his mind. Namely, “cum.” “Moist” “cum”.

Call it creative, or whatever you want, but Jones wouldn’t have reached the Scrabble national championships for his age group and finished 15th in the country if he didn’t have a diverse, unique vocabulary at his disposal. But don’t knock him, because he apparently wipes the floor with anyone who thinks their Words With Friends prowess translates to the real thing. I’d get beat at Scrabble if I knew these were the words that would be my poison.

As for football, Jones is wearing a protective boot on his injured left foot, but is ready to go for the big game. If he plays football tonight like he played Scrabble in this segment, Notre Dame’s defensive line better get ready for a weird time.

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