People Went Certifiably Insane When Barry Sanders Was Named The Newest Madden Cover Boy

  • Eric Goldschein

The Lions won the Super Bowl! They finally did it! They ended the drought! Barry Sanders is the NFL’s all-time leading rusher! He was elected President of the United States! The war is over! All of these things must definitely have happened, because otherwise the celebration at the announcement for the cover of Madden 25 was way, way too much.

The live announcement took place in New York City yesterday, and a crowd gathered to watch SportsNation declare the winner of the 64-person bracket, which split the finalists into “New School” and “Old School.” Sanders beat out legends like Jerry Rice and Joe Montana to face new schooler Adrian Peterson.

The video of the ceremony is fraught with tension and drama. The way the crowd acts in the moments leading up to the announcement, and their jubilation afterwards, is the most insane thing I’ve ever seen for a video game cover. Do they know that winning the cover does not retroactively grant any sort of Super Bowl victory? Or is Detroit that starved for good news? (Or am I just that clueless, and they paid these people to act so ridiculous?) Check it out, via ESPN:

Frankly, AP fans should be ecstatic that their boy lost out to Sanders. How can he suffer from the Madden curse if he isn’t on the cover? In fact, perhaps this will break said curse. What’s the worse that can happen to Sanders — death? At least the Lions won’t lose any games because of it. Thanks for taking one for the team, Barry!