Bart Scott Hates Jets Fans, Says They Don’t Know How Hard He Has It

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Boy oh boy does Bart Scott really know how to connect with his fans. Hey, I’d be a little discouraged too if I was the butt of Jets’ fans japes barbed insults on Thanksgiving, but if I’m the guy making millions of dollars a year playing pigskin, maybe I would’ve taken a different route in my response to the fans’ disappointment if I were Bart Scott.

But that’s just me. Bart didn’t quite stoop to the Jets fans’ level (do you know how hard you’d have to try to do that?), but he didn’t exactly take the high road. Here’s what he told Newsday:

“They never stop to put themselves in our shoes, to see where we’re coming from and understand what we’re dealing with and understand what we’re trying to do and what our job really is and how difficult our job is.”

“They don’t care. They just call us bums. Like they could ever play or can understand the pressure. They couldn’t make it through my high school practice, so why explain it?”

Baaaaaaart. Do you understand how impetuous, short-sighted, and flat-out dumb football fans are — especially those in New York? You can’t start calling New Yorkers thin-skinned because a few of them said some mean things to you and your teammates. You have to go out and play your game. We know the risks and we know the consequences of playing football, but you were given a physical gift, and your bank account reflects it. That’s more than so so so so so so many people can say. Almost all of the people.

Now, that was the coup de grace of his rant. It started out a teensy bit better, but not much:

“The first obligation is to the man you sweat and bleed with. I’m sure the fans are frustrated but imagine working your butt off all week and not having the result. It’s frustrating for them, but it’s frustrating for us, too, because we are the ones who are paying the price with our bodies.

“At the end of the day they don’t have to get in a cold tub. They don’t have to face dementia. They don’t have to face arthritis. They don’t have to face surgery. So it’s easy for them to pass judgment.”

OK, so when I said thing about this part being marginally better, forget that. This is just as bad. You know, Bart, normal people have hardships too. I’m pretty sure dementia, arthritis, and surgery are things normal people are also subject to. I’d actually like for you to put yourself in my shoes. I’m 5’8″, unathletic, and I once cried because I didn’t make a soccer team in summer camp when I was 10 years old. My life is tough, man.

It’s not easy being a football player, Bart? Try being not a football player. That sucks. I know some Jets fans hurt your feelings, but you’re a linebacker in the NFL (kind of). Carry yourself as such.

[Newsday, photo via Getty]