Bart Scott Nearly Punched A Jets Reporter Who Took A Cell Phone Pic Of Him (UPDATE)

  • Dylan Murphy

Athletes constantly have to answer inane questions from beat reporters poking and prodding them for headline-grabbing quotes. Bart Scott, noted mutinous rebel boycott specialist, let his emotions boil over today in an incident with Dan Leberfeld of Jets Confidential. And by boil over, we mean puffing out his chest and threatening to punch Leberfeld.

Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post was on hand for the entire near-melee and documented the play-by-play in a series of tweets.

Fisticuffs! This pseudo-paparazzi behavior, snapping a cell phone pic of an athlete, is definitely odd for a locker room reporter. Unless of course, that pic wasn’t aimed at Scott’s face. Busted Coverage piped up and asked the relevant question:

Ah, okay. You have to appreciate the irony of Scott’s blowup, which comes on the heels of his defamation of the entire New York media for constantly slandering his team. They definitely won’t talk about the Jets now.

UPDATE (3:32): Thanks to our friend Keith Gormley (via Ian Rapoport), we now know that the Bart Scott-Jets Confidential beef may stem from something else. As you can see here, the cover of Jets Confidential claims it was Bart Scott’s friend who started all the “circus talk.” And thus we continue to unravel this ENGAGING mystery.

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