Bears Sign Mike Glennon To Massive Contract, Bears Fans React Accordingly

Bears Sign Mike Glennon To Massive Contract, Bears Fans React Accordingly
  • Jake O'Donnell

In the land of the blind, the man with one eye is king. Similarly with NFL free agency, when there aren’t any quality quarterbacks available, Mike Glennon lands a $45 million deal. He’s attempted 11 passes over the last two seasons. By comparison, Kirk Cousins was offered $1 million more after a season where he threw for twice as many yards as Glennon has compiled in his entire career.

On one hand, the Bears are justifiably desperate to move on from Jay Cutler — a man who’s created a cottage industry for “Should they bench him?” opinion pieces — but making Mike Glennon the 23rd highest-paid quarterback in professional football wasn’t atop anyone’s list of “ways to fix the Chicago Bears.” In fact, it probably wasn’t on that list at all, as we’re seeing Bears fans react to yet another head-scratching allocation of cap space during a season where they’ll undoubtedly draft a quarterback.

In fairness to the Bears front office, if this move doesn’t work out, they’ll be able to move on next season (it’s not like they’ve guaranteed the whole contract). That being said, does anyone expect this to result in a better finish than last season’s 3-13 dumpster fire? Luckily for Glennon, he’s coming in with low expectations, so…um…that’s something.

Jake O'Donnell

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