The 911 Call From Jovan Belcher’s Mother Is Chilling

  • Dan Fogarty

A pair of 911 calls related to the Jovan Belcher murder-suicide have been released, and they’re (obviously) tough to listen to.

The first recording is of a call placed by Belcher’s mother, Cheryl Shepherd, after her son had just shot his girlfriend multiple times. Belcher had left the house by then, and was already on his way to the Chiefs’ practice facility, where he’d later commit suicide.

“Stay with me, the ambulance is on the way. Stay with me Kasandra, stay with me,” Cheryl Shepherd says on the recording of her call with Kansas City emergency dispatchers.

“She’s still breathing but please hurry,” Shepherd says. “I don’t know how he [inaudible], they were arguing, please hurry.”

The couple’s baby, Zoey, can be heard in the background crying.

The second call, between emergency workers, is more reserved but still tough to listen to. Shutdown Corner has a portion of the transcript.

Caller: Hello. We need a Code One ambulance although they think he’s probably dead. Number 1 Arrowhead Drive – that’s the practice field at the Chiefs Stadium. It’s a self-inflicted shooting. It’s a done deal. They’ve got a player that shot himself.
Dispatcher: A player?
Caller: Yeah.
Dispatcher: What parking lot?
Caller: They still need you.
Dispatcher: We’re on our way.

Audio here, via KCTV by way of the LA Times.