BetMGM Taking High-Liability Notable Wagers on Super Bowl Contenders

It’s a neverending battle betting on the NFL. Information is constantly changing. Rosters fluctuate based on injuries, signings, suspensions, and trades. Schemes change, altering player usage. Scheduling challenges impact team readiness.

Then, for the squads lucky enough to get to the playoffs, there’s an unknown path that one lucky franchise must follow to win the Super Bowl, which is unknown at the outset of the postseason.

It’s an erratic structure that consumes us from September to February.

That volatility is epitomized in the futures market. And, depending on your risk-tolerance levels, it also presents an opportunity to make high-stakes wagers pay dividends. 

One Tennesseean bettor believes they’ve got a better read than most, putting big money down on the Miami Dolphins to win it all. BetMGM took a confident $100,000 wager at +3000 on the Fins to end the season as Super Bowl champions. The potential payout — $3,000,000.

That wasn’t the only significant deposit the sportsbook took on the Dolphins, either. Another bettor got $10,000 on the Tua Tagovailoa-led squad at +4000, which could yield a $400,000 payday. 

In a vacuum, one could only assume that Dolphins fans are either rich or delusional. But other bettors are taking confident positions on different teams. 

The least surprising is the $20,000 bet that one person made on the Super Bowl chalk. The Buffalo Bills sit atop the AFC East and have reigned supreme on the futures board since the offseason. BetMGM took the bet while the Bills were still +600, so the bettor could walk away with $120,000.

A good chunk for most people but far from the sportsbook’s most significant exposure. 

Other teams drawing interest are the New Orleans Saints, who are in the thick of it in the NFC South. The division-leading Tampa Bay Buccaneers are 4-5, a record the Saints could improve to with a win over the Baltimore Ravens on Monday Night Football.

A division win could set the stage for an easier path to the championship game, but betting $25,000 on a team that alternates quarterbacks and doesn’t have a healthy wide receiver seems like a risky proposition, even if it does come with a potential $1,000,000 check

Some clairvoyants took positions on risky teams but are looking good at the turn. Whoever bet $5,000 on the New York Jets at +15000 is brimming with confidence after Sauce Gardner almost single-handedly dispatched the Bills.

Likewise, the $1,300 position someone took on the Seattle Seahawks at +20000 has become the envy of most bettors now that the Seahawks are 6-3 and flying high.

Lastly, the Atlanta Falcons haven’t reached the heights of the other bird franchises, but the person who bet $4,000 on Atlanta when they were +25000 has hope that their six-figure payday might come to fruition. 

Not all wagers are created equal, though. The most reckless of the positions taken with a more significant stake was that of a bettor who donated $1,000 on the Chicago Bears. Granted, the Green Bay Packers have vacated the NFC North throne, but Justin Fields isn’t the one to pick up the crown. 

As the NFL season approaches its exciting conclusion, most bettors will be left with scrapbook material and a dream of “what if.”

But, if any of these wagers hit, a big bag of money won’t be the only enormous sack some bettors are dragging out of the sportsbook.