Bill Belichick Took Some Time Out Of His Day To Rip The Jets, Just Because

  • Eric Goldschein

bill belichickFor once, I identify with Patriots coach Bill Belichick: I usually make at least one joke a day at the expense of the Jets, since it’s so easy and fun to do. I mean, have you seen their quarterback? (“Which one?” Ha! See? Easy.)

But even though Belichick has some weird history with the Jets, and he spends at least two times a year preparing to beat them and their, shall we say, ostentatious coach, I still didn’t expect this line to just pop out of his mouth today, when discussing past coaching jobs (the Patriots will play the Browns this week, where Belichick was the coach from 1991-95). From the Boston Herald:

“I was [in Cleveland] for five years,” Belichick said. “It was five important years in my life, for myself, my family and all that. Obviously, we’ve all moved on, and I have a job to do here and that’s where my loyalty is, is to Robert (Kraft), the Patriots organization and this football team. So it’s no different than how I feel, honestly, about the Colts, or the Lions or the Broncos.

I feel differently about the Jets. We won’t put them in that category.”

Damn! That’s cold. Several outlets, including the Herald, say that Belichick “was joking,” which is helpful context. Otherwise, I might think a guy who resigned from the job by scribbling “I resign as HC of the NYJ” on a piece of looseleaf paper was for some reason not enamored with that team. Also, I had no idea Belichick made jokes.

He also failed to mention the Giants as one of his coaching stops. No love for New York, Bill? You a Chicago-pizza guy or something?

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