Bill Burr Nailed Super Bowl Parties, On-Field Interviews, And Justin Bieber’s Viral Basketball Vine

  • Jake O'Donnell

Bill Burr is the funniest curmudgeon on the Late Night circuit — and he also happens to be a very well-formed, passionate sports fan. All he wants to do is watch the big game this Sunday. Not a Bruno Mars concert. Not the commercials. He doesn’t want to hear other people talking during the action. He wants to see the two best teams in the NFL compete for the Lombardi Trophy. After a crazy two weeks of build up and media B.S., we couldn’t agree more.

Just play the damn game so we can all move on.

As far as halftime/post-game interviews are concerned, Burr also makes a shrewd observation: Why the hell is someone sticking a microphone in athletes’ faces in the middle of a sporting event? We have no idea why that’s as ubiquitous as it is (as we’ve recently discussed the topic on our “Off The Grid” podcast).

Then there’s Bieber — who you honestly cannot blame for being the caliber of douchebag he apparently is. Imagine any other teenage guy in his situation. Would you be any different if you were a billionaire celebrity at that age? As far as that stupid little Vine video of Bieber slow crossing up Mack Maine is concerned, Burr summarizes it perfectly.