Wait, What? Bill Romanowksi Compares The Raiders To Bacon Lovers During Crazy, Pork-Focused Rant

  • Tom Lorenzo

Former NFL player Bill Romanowski is really getting a good feel of this whole commentator thing. After the Raiders got blown out by the Packers this weekend, Romanowksi followed up head coach Hue Jackson’s press conference on Monday afternoon with an epic rant complaining about the Raiders lack of, let’s call it, tenacity.

In this angry rant, Romanowski went on to say, “The Oakland Raiders, Hue Jackson, he’s got a bunch of guys that like bacon.” Following, “They go to the grocery store and buy their bacon…I need some damn boar hunters.” Yes, believe it or not, it got even more confusing from there.

Where was this rant when the Raiders lost by 20 points to the then 3-win Dolphins two weeks ago? It’s strange that he’d save it for a blowout loss to the undefeated Green Bay Packers. I’m not sure anyone thought the Raiders were going to win this one, but I guess we’ll just let Romanowski be Romanowski.