Bill Simmons On PTI, Day 2: Tom Brady’s Hair Causing Divide In Boston

  • Dan Fogarty

Bill Simmons once again guest-hosted “Pardon the Interruption” today, unleashing his inner nerd on Tony Kornheiser and heralding Boston’s provincial values before criticizing Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for his hair. No, there has never been a more Boston segment in television history.

Before that, though, Simmons gave two nods to fantasy sports that surely had Roto-league enthusiasts everywhere happy.

In a discussion about the Tampa Bay Rays, Simmons revealed that he’s in baseball keeper league. He then rattled off three minor league Rays prospects as Kornheiser sat, dumbfounded (I was dumbfounded, as well. A baseball keeper league where you can draft minor leaguers? That’s some serious stuff). Simmons also gave a shoutout to Football Outsiders, or, more specifically, their DVOA ratings, when discussing which teams were going to the playoffs.

Then they talked Tom Brady hair. Video below.