Bills Fans Hung Tom Brady In Effigy, Then Lit Him On Fire

  • Glenn Davis

So Tom Brady used some choice words while stomping all over the Bills during the second half yesterday. No biggie, really. Heat of competition, Brady’s an intense guy, they’re division rivals, the Patriots were mounting a comeback, he’d just scored a touchdown by running it in himself when that’s not something he does often, etc. Hardly the craziest a rivalry like Bills-Patriots gets.

And for proof of that, kindly check the video below. “You think Brady was losing it?” these Bills fans seem to ask. “Watch this. Then check back in with us.”

Sure, it’s a fake Tom Brady – but damn, Bills fans. EricMouldsBro and OtherBillsBro really wanted to see that fake Brady burn… and they also seemed to have a specific desire to see the crotch area burn first. Cold-blooded. But our opinion doesn’t matter that much, really. What do you think of these fans, Tom?

The rivalry, it burns so brightly.