Watch Some Bills Bros Brawl Right As The PA Announcer Tells Fans To Be Safe

  • Glenn Davis

(Note: to skip ahead to the fisticuffs, go to the 2:22 mark of the video below.)

I always have a hard time understanding fans of the same team getting into fights at games. Yeah, I guess all bets are off when there’s drinking involved, but shouldn’t the fact that you people are on the same side override everything else? Well, maybe not if things are going badly on the field and tempers are getting short. Then maybe I could see it. But that explanation doesn’t work for what you’ll see below, either: while something sort-of bad happens to the Bills during it (the Bills fumble, then recover), it clearly has nothing to do with the fighting, and besides, they were up 19-7 at the time.

So nothing makes logical sense about the fight. Okay. But what really takes things to another level here is what the PA announcer says while the fight is ongoing:

“Fans, please be reminded that the Buffalo Bills expect you to do your part to make today’s game safe and enjoyable for everyone.”

Well. Um. About that. Not… not so much. Well, I guess it’s enjoyable to look back on now, but it didn’t add a whole lot to the gameday experience, I’d imagine. Oh well – the Bills won, so we’re sure everyone made peace after thi- haha just kidding. Again, you can watch the entire buildup if you like, but the fireworks (a.k.a. punches) start at 2:22: