NFL People Were Creeping On Blake Bortles’ Girlfriend During His Combine Interviews

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Blake Bortles, Johnny Football impostor, entered the NFL Combine with a shot at the No. 1 overall pick, even over Mr. Football himself. But people seem to care about his girlfriend about as much as his football skill, because, well, she’s really, really hot.

Naturally, NFL personnel dudes interviewed Bortles at the combine, and they surpassed last year’s weird “do you have a real girlfriend, Denard Robinson?” with some creepy questions about Blake’s girlfriend.

Creepy. I think it’s clear that an NFL team could guarantee three extra wins by blocking OKCupid on work computers.

You know what’s totally not creepy, though? Throwing our slideshow of Lindsey Duke right here. Good day.


h/t @BarstoolBigCat