Blame Pitbull If Ed Reed Does Not Sign With The Houston Texans

  • Dylan Murphy

Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed is an unrestricted free agent, and his choice of team has been narrowed down to two: the Houston Texans and the Baltimore Ravens. According to Adam Schefter, it could go either way:

Reed met with the Texans on Thursday, and the meeting supposedly went well. Yet he left without a deal in place, and Schefter later sent out that 50-50 tweet. So why, if things went so well and Reed had so many great things to say about Houston, is everything still up in the air? Pitbull.

“Could Pitbull have caused a delay in Ed Reed’s inauguration in Houston?

The Houston Chronicle’s John McClain told NFL Network’s ‘NFL AM’ on Friday morning that the Texans and Reed cut short their highly publicized meeting Thursday so they could get out of Dodge before a crowd of 75,217 fans of the pop star cascaded upon Reliant Stadium, pinning in Reed and Texans brass.

Gah! Now Houston won’t be able to acquire an aging risk taker that’s a shell of his former self! Or, wait, maybe they still have a chance:

Still: you’d think Reliant Stadium would have a players/owners/rich people entrance or something.

[, via Larry Brown Sports]